Pantry Recipes & Kitchen Resources


Making healthy meals may not seem important or even possible right now, but healthy meals are more important than ever. These recipes use ingredients found from our pantry staples list. Keep up the healthy meals and make meal time family time. 

Additional recipes using ingredients commonly found at food pantries can be downloaded from our food pantry resources page

Bread-in-a-Bag Pizza

Turn our easy Bread-in-a-Bag recipe into a homemade family favorite. Add your favorite toppings or try a new vegetable.

Metal spoon lifting a spoonful of cooked beans out of an Instant Pot next to a white colander

Cooking Beans in an Instant Pot

You can soak dry beans overnight or use the quick soak method, but they can also be cooked in an Instant Pot pressure cooker. Learn how to prep the beans and use the right settings.

Kitchen Resources

Food may be in short supply in some places and finding every day ingredients may not be quite as easy. Below are two resources for helping make cooking substitutions in the kitchen. 

Additional Recipes

The CNP online cookbook is full of low-cost, simple recipes. Explore it for some new meal ideas.

Cent$ible Nutrition Program

This material was funded by USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – SNAP. This institution is an equal opportunity provider. This material was funded by USDA’s Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program-EFNEP. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

University of Wyoming Extension

Issued in furtherance of extension work, acts of May 8 and June 30, 1914, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Kelly Crane, Director, University of Wyoming Extension, College of Agriculture, Life Sciences and Natural Resources, University of Wyoming Extension, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming 82071.

The University of Wyoming is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.

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